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Pujon Kidul, located in Pujon, Malang has a significant tourism potential. This led Pujon Kidul designation as Tourism Village by Malang Tourism and Cultural Government Agency in 2014. This research aims to describe and analyze Pujon Kidul’s community participation to develop Pujon Kidul as a Tourism Village. And so, this research is a qualitative descriptive research. The development of Pujon Kidul as a Tourism Village is undertaken with the synergized assistance of both government elements and local communities. Local resident’s development is built by founding Badan Usaha Milik Desa (BMUDes) and Kelompok Sadar Wisata (Pokdarwis), to accompany existing organizations such as Karang Taruna dan Badan Permusyawaratan Desa (BPD). Local resident’s participation is extensive enough, as seen and analyzed from the planning phase, development phase, and evaluation phase. The designation of Pujon Kidul as a Tourism Village has finally created new employment opportunities and increase the local revenue/ Pendapatan Asli Desa (PAD)


Tourism village communities’ participation Pujon Kidul

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