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Every local government strives to improve its own regional economy, especially the acquisition of Regional Original Income (PAD). One effort to increase regional revenues is by optimizing regional potential. Batu City has considerable potential in the tourism sector. This study aims to measure the extent of the role of the tourism industry in the Regional Original Revenue in Batu City. This study will also analyze the factors that affect the local income of Batu City which are sourced from the tourism sector. The analytical tool used in this study is descriptive analysis and multiple linear regression. The analysis shows that the role of the tourism industry in PAD in Batu City is relatively large, contributing an average of 31.5%. However, there was a downward trend during the 2003-2013 period, but 2014 contribution began to increase until now. The number of tourists visiting and hotel occupancy rates are factors that significantly affect the income of the tourism sector. The dominant variable is the number of tourists.


Regional Original Income (PAD) Batu City tourism sector industrial tourism hotel occupancy traveler.

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