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This study aims to: 1) Analyze the influence of leadership style on employee performance, on
PT Sarana Tani Pratama, Jembrana-Bali, 2) Analyze the incentives and motivation on employee
performance at PT Sarana Tani Pratama Jembrana-Bali, 3) Analyze variable the dominant
influence on the performance of employees at PT Sarana Tani Pratama, Jembrana, Bali. The
method used was survey by using instrument list of the questionnaire as a data collection
tool. Patterns of influence that will be revealed in this study was the influence of leadership
style, Incentives and Work Motivation on Employee Performance at PT Sarana Tani Pratama,
Jembrana–Bali. Results of this study prove that: (1) Style of leadership, incentives and
motivation simultaneously affect the performance of employees, (2) Style of leadership,
incentives and motivation partially influence on employee performance, (3) Leadership style
dominant influence on employee performance.


leadership style incentives motivation employee performance.

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