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An employee of one human resources are managed by a number of factors important in the
organization because of human resources able to plan, implement and control all activities
of the organization to achieve the goal. The main objective of this study was to determine
and analyze the effect of simultaneous work ethic interpersonal communication and motivation
of the effectiveness of teachers' work. This study is also to determine whether the work
motivation dominant influence on the effectiveness of teachers' work. This explanatory research
using all the teachers and administrative staff as respondents. Data were collected through
primary data and secondary data. The process of data analysis using multiple linear regression
with the help of SPSS for windows. Results-the results showed that motivation is one important
factor in encouraging an employee to work on High School High School Sutha Dharma
Pergung. Further research is motivated willingness of individuals to achieve organizational


human resources organization interpersonal communication motivation

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