Loyalty Program Strategy of Garuda Indonesia Flight Service

Martaleni Martaleni


More tight competition of flight industries in taking market recently is a challenge for every flight industries to conduct loyalty program which gives service and comfort priority to customers. This research aims to study the effect of loyalty program to the customer loyalty through customer satisfaction at Garuda Indonesia flight service. This research was explanatory research by using primary data which collected directly from Garuda Indonesia customers who have member card of Garuda Miles and stayed in Malang city. By using path analysis method as data analysis instrument, it was found that loyalty program with member card of Garuda Miles had direct, positive and significant impact to the customer satisfaction; however, it was negative and insignificant affected to the improvement of customer loyalty. The same thing for customer satisfaction, it had negative and significant effect to the customer loyalty. Further research can be conducted through in depth study about customer loyalty indicator, thus it will be obtained more complete information in order to design more accurate loyalty program.


customer satisfaction, loyalty program, customer loyalty, Garuda, Indonesia

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