Agus Sugiarto, Dyah Sawitri, Martaleni Martaleni


The ULP device is set as necessary at least comprising functions such as Heads; The Company or the Secretariat; And Working Group. The formation of ULP is urgent to do besides because it is the mandate of the Presidential Regulation, also because the procurement of goods or services is an important indicator of the implementation of Good Governance and performance indicators of the quality of public services. The procurement of goods/services (auctions) carried out by ULP Polinema covers the whole process of procurement of goods/services funded through the State Budget (APBN). Polytechnic Institute of Malang (Polinema) consisting of several departments and courses as users of budget / user goods. This study aims to examine and analyze the influence either directly or indirectly Procurement Services Unit (ULP) and Service Partner on Employee Performance and Level of Satisfaction at State Polytechnic Institute of Malang. The method used in this research is survey exploratory method (exploratory research) and descriptive and quantitative analysis using Path analysis approach (Path). This research was conducted at an Institution, namely State Polytechnic of Malang in a period of 3 months. The result of the research shows that the change of ULP service quality which has been improved in a better direction is able to improve ULP performance in work unit at Polinema Institution. Improvement of partners in the Polinema Institution is able to provide enhanced performance on the ULP. To improve the performance of ULP required a good and professional partner. The quality of ULP services has a positive and significant impact on employee job satisfaction at Polinema Institution. This can be interpreted that in order to obtain job satisfaction in Polinema Institution then it should improve the quality of ULP service. In addition, partners have no significant effect on employee job satisfaction at Polinema Institution. Employee job satisfaction contained in Polinema Institution is influenced by the performance of ULP. With the improvement of ULP service quality coupled with the performance of ULP is able to provide enhancement to the work satisfaction of the dominant employee or lecturer at Polinema Institution.


procurement services unit, good governance, partner, path analysis

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