Martaleni Martaleni


The role of green marketing in green tourism is primarily derived from the fact that green marketing has at its disposal the knowledge referring to environmental awareness, ways of enticing and raising this awareness, as well as its operationalization in terms of relevant environmentally oriented behavior. Such environmentally oriented behavior refers both to the choice of destination and type of tourism, and the behavior during one's stay and travel to the tourist destination. Consumers are increasingly taking into account a destination’s reputation for social and environment responsibility when they make their travel choices. This conceptual paper is purpose to figure out green marketing concept toward green tourism destination and its processes as well explain the tourism marketing mix. This marketing mix consist from 8P which traditional concept such that product, price, place, promotion and additional concept packaging, programming, people partnership. Tourism marketing should not only be regarded as a tool for attracting more visitors, as it has been the case for most destinations. Instead, marketing should be used as a strategic mechanism in coordination with planning and management rather than a sales tool, to achieve strategic objectives that ensure the sustainability of the destination.

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