Peran SMK dalam Menunjang Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Daerah: Sebuah Analisis Markoekonomika

Jose Rizal Joesoef, Umi Muawanah, Fahmi Poernamawatie, Sugeng Mulyono, Imam Mukhlis


This article presents the empirical results confirming the important role of SMK in supporting regional economic growth in Indonesia. In influen­cing regional economies, it is argued that SMK has significant direct im­pact on labor market and subsequently on regional economic growth. It indicates that the position of SMK is between two forces: the input mar­ket from where SMK has to “buy” SMP graduates and the labor market to where SMK has to “sell” SMK graduates. The SMK’s capacity signifi­cantly depends on the input market’s response (that is SMP graduates), and the labor market’s response (that is DUDI) significantly depends on the quality of SMK graduates. After having been formed by SMK gra­duates, then the labor market exerts positive effect on regional eco­nomic growth.


lulusan SMP, lulusan SMK, kualitas lulusan, pasar tenaga kerja, pertumbuhan ekonomi, two-stage least square (2SLS)

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