Struktur Pasar Oligopoli dan Peran Informasi : Sebuah Studi Eksperimental


  • Any Nursiswati Universitas Gajayana Malang
  • Sulistiyanti Sulistiyanti Universitas gajayana malang


market structure, oligopoly, experimental study


Market structures that capture the strategic interaction between the actors is an oligopoly market. When making decisions, each oligopolistic and even consider trying to guess what decision has been/will be run by its rival. During consideration, conjecture, an oligopoly actions influence the expectations of the opponent, the activities that constitute the strategic behavior. Non cooperative games is llikely to make the oligopolist 'trapped' in a prisoner's dilemma situation especially if the interaction of the time (one-shot) then the 'game' ends. How is the role of information if the interaction Cournot and Bertrand took place repeatedly? Under conditions of complete information, is there any process to the prosoner's dilemma? This study conducted experiments to 8 players who act as competing companies. Experiments conducted on Cournot model and the Bertrand models. The experimental results show that the availability of information about the opponent's action in experimental Cournot and Bertrand market, making the market more competitive marketplace that benefits consumers on the one hand, but on the other hand bring producers into the prisoner's dilemma situation.

Author Biographies

Any Nursiswati, Universitas Gajayana Malang

Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Sulistiyanti Sulistiyanti, Universitas gajayana malang

Fakultas EKonomi dan Bisnis