Analisis Kualitas Layanan Dengan Metode Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) (Studi Pada Universitas Gajayana Malang)


  • Sofiyatun Hasanah Universitas Gajayana Malang


Service Quality, Importance Performance Analysis


The purpose of this reseach was to determine the service quality level that was held by Gajayana University of Malang. The method used in this research was quantitative descriptive method using questionnaires. The statement in the questionnaire were arrange based on the 5 dimention of service quality. Those were tangibles, reliabilities, responsiveness, assurances and emphaty. This study was on Gajayana University with 100 active student on 3 period late as respondent. The analysis equipment used in this research was IPA (Importance Performance Analysis) there were gap analysis, compability analysis level and cartesius chart. The gap analysis showed that all attributes get a negative response which means that student’s perception was less than the student’s expectations. Compability analysis level between perception and expectation showed presentation less than 100% on all attributes wich mean the students was dissatisfaction of service quality. As for the cartesius chart showed some attributes that become priority to improved there performance was the institution provided equipment and modern technology (tangible), the institutions gives services as promised (reliability), institutions was responsible for the occurrence of service errors (reliability), institutions provide fast and precise services (responsiveness) and Institution employees were always willing to help students (responsiveness).

Author Biography

Sofiyatun Hasanah, Universitas Gajayana Malang

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