Analysis of Medical Mobile Application Based on Human and Computer Interaction (HCI) Principles


  • Rizqiyatul Khoiriyah Universitas Gajayana


The development of mobile applications are currently very rapid and used to support daily activities. The spread out of mobile applications such as education, business, entertainment, games, including mobile health applications makes this continuously compete to improve each other's performance. One thing that can be used as a consideration to measure the performance and evaluation of mobile applications are evaluated based on the principles of human and computer interaction (HCI), such as
human, technology, usability, and ergonomics. The results of the evaluation indicate that medical mobile apps, in general, have fulfilled the principle aspects of human and computer interaction so it is not surprising why this application is a popular medical
mobile application.

Author Biography

Rizqiyatul Khoiriyah, Universitas Gajayana

Fakultas Teknik dan Informatika